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HAPKIDO is a Korean martial art whose origins date back mor thean 3000 years. The harmonious interaction of body and mind is the foundation of the victory over one or more attackers. In the system of Hapkido almost all types of attack and defense techniques are present, either unarmed or armed.

In addition to hand-lever techniques and punches, kicks and throws are practiced. Additionally the use of tools, such as a walking stick, a scarf or a magazine is thaught. An integral part of the training are also swords, short- and long-stick techniques. Furthermore, controlled falling, body control and proper breathing school are part of the exercises.

HAP = Whole, all-embracing (root of the korean martial arts)
KI = Mental and bodily energy, concentration, universal vital force
DO = Path / direction (development of the student / path of learning)

HAP-KI-DO principles:
  1. Principle of influence, psychic principle (stay calm, balance body and mind)
  2. Principle of the circle, (deflect the power of the enemy to a circular path)
  3. Principle of fluentness, (bring the power back to the opponent using a circular path)

"All principles depend on each other and have to harmonize"

Hapkido - ThrowHapkido - Throw

Master Mark Klinger 7th Dan Hapkido practices martial arts since childhood. He began his Hapkido and Teakwondo training under the guidance od Grandmaster Young D.B. Kim. Grandmaster Kim was awarded the 8th Dan and was one of the few direct students od Hapkido founder Choi Yong Sul.

At the age of 17, Mark Klinger also started with Kick/Thai boxing. In 1998 Mark Klinger became a student of Grandmaster Tae Moon Beung Tae 9th Dan and learned the Hwal Moo Hapkido. Grandmaster Moon is probably one of the most prominent Hapkido grandmasters who currently teach in Korea. Because of his tremendous work and training intensity Mark Klinger became Chief Instructorof Korea Hwal Moo Hapkido Association for Greece in 1999.

In his teaching style Master Klinger puts more emphasis on dynamic and reality-based techniques, where he uses his experience from years of competition experience. He won serveral titles as German and international chamion, European champion and World Cup winner.

In 1993 Mark Klinger began to teach Hapkido with 3 students and opened his first school two years later in Marpingen. Since that time, Mark Klinger has trained 30 trainers who teach Hapkido, Taekwondo and Kick/Thai boxing in a total of 5 schools. Meanwhile, more than 200 adults and 100 children train in the