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"Not the strongest survive or the most intelligent,
but those who are most ready to change"

(Charles Darwin)

After his studies in structural engineering and applied computer science, Mark Klinger, as licensed Structogram® trainer on the basis of the biostructural analysis, made a name for himself in the field of potential optimization in businesses.

Individual solutions in the areas of personel management and team training are the foundation of his seminars. The modular structure of the seminars, based on theoretical foundations is implemented practice-orientedly.

One of his slogans "successfull and authentic in harmony with nature" is the foundation of the company-specific outdoor and team training.

"Experience potential optimization with a difference"

Dipl.-Ing. Mark Klinger

Klinger talking with Schoemen
Mark Klinger shares experiences with the Senior Master Trainer
and director of the German Structogram center Jürgen Schoemann