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“Crossing frontiers” the other outdoor

Those who exceed limits in unusual situations, extend their scope of action and continue to tackle callenging tasks in everyday work with more imagination.
To overcome oneself, to overcome the baser instincts, to cope with uncomfortable conflicts or even to get along with people, to which there are personal antipathies, are among the situations with which the participants can deal much better and mor boldly.

To feel the own body, to open the mind, to start at the brink of night, to fulfill given tasks to experience meditation in motion, to cross frontiers, these will all be new experiences.
The ability to lead, to act, to react, to act depending on the situation will not only be called for, discussed theoretically, but will be practiced visible for everyone. Experienced trainers watch, register and document.
The focus is clearly on the cooperative achievement of the goal. It is not centered around the physique but the team. Whether business, clubs or private groups, an unforgettable experience awaits.

Nature is not predictable and this is precisely the reason which demands fexibility, fast decisions and planned action which often mirrors the working world. Challenges wil be overcome, obstacles which seem to be insurmountable, will be taken, power and confidence be collected.
At the end stands the triumph of the individual over himself, embedded into the power of a functioning team.
After each outdoor experience, every participant recieves a digital image documentation, supplemented by a jointly drafted experience report.

We look forward to to sharing this experience with you.