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Structogram in lean management

In enhanced corporate structures flatter hierarchies allow for a more flexible response to the changing environment.  However, more and more problems appear which are often caused by a lack of social competency.  Especially in small teams, there is a danger of limited output caused by excessive authority.

Structogram as a tool:
Team leaders or people in leading functions, can only work optimally in their function if they understand their own personality. The Biostructur Analysis is a tool which allows one to recognize strengths and weaknesses and therefore to improve suitable leadership methods and techniques.  The Structogram, is the visualized result of the Biostructural Analysis and gives the participant the key to self-knowledge.  The team leader gets precise understanding of opportunities and risks, strengths, weaknesses and limitations, the most effective forms of expression, as well as an understanding of their own unique style.

Triogram as tool:
An informed, dignified "factual understanding" is usually assumed in leading positions. It is acquired by education and is confirmed by diplomas or certificates. By contrast "common sense" is assumed as a matter of course, without which he/she would require additional instructions. Nevertheless, the everyday experience shows that often the best "Expert" makes mistakes in dealing with people which basically could be avoided.

These mistakes can be avoided if someone recognizes the biostructure of other people. The Triogram which is derived from the Structogram provides this information. In the next phase of the seminar, the Triogram serves as a tool for human knowledge. The Triogram teaches one to be able to recognize the biostructure of other people and in so doing act better accordingly. The result is an improved individual understanding thereby avoiding unnecessary conflicts. With the Triogram, it is also possible to "locate" and visualise several types of biostructures and thus analyse teams and how best to put them together.