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The basic idea of the Structogram training is: “In each of us is a winner”
This statement is as old as mankind itself and there are countless theories to achieve success.

Success is not defined as an individual experience but rather a mix of our own perceptions which are determined by our environment.  Our perceptions can only be realised once we are able to assess and evaluate people with whom we have contact (family, colleagues and customers). However, the first step requires self-knowledge, knowledge of strengths, limitations, as well as external effect.

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Every person has a different non-changeable genetically predetermined basic personality structure. The Biostructural Analysis demonstrates a clear link with the three brains and the different levels of influence from the three genetically predetermined behaviour patterns and are visualised in the Structogram.

The Structogram gives us the key to the self-knowledge.  This means it gives you precise knowledge of personality structure and with that knowledge of capabilities and limits. Insights into an individual Biostructure can facilitate selection of ideal models, development of realistic objectives and successful strategies and application of personally suitable sales strategies and management techniques.

In a time of recession, social competence is equally important as professionalism in deciding success or failure.
The Structogram training will show that the same products can be sold in different ways to different people and that there is no silver bullet for human resource management.  Only someone who knows his effect on others and recognises the potentials of other people will achieve their goals.

Customer orientation is individually trained and insights into the different personalities of your customers, enable the development of a personal sales strategies relevant for your customer.

Professional + Social competency leads to sales & employee competency and is the key to success.