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Structogram in sales

“There are lots of seminars, why should you decide just for us?“

Executive training can only function if you understand your own personality. Only he who knows himself, is able to lead others. On this basis we work with the Biostructure Analysis and this allows us to recognise our own strengths and weaknesses and therefore to optimise our strategies.

“We cannot be everything that we would like to be, but we can be what is possible for us."

The Structogram gives the seminar participant the key to the self-knowledge, a precise understanding of opportunities and risks, strengths, weaknesses and limitations, the most effective forms of expression, as well as an understanding of their own unique style.

Instead of general "recipes for action" the individuality of each person becomes the main focus so that he/she can thereby optimally make complete use of his/her personal potential. He/she learns how to consciously choose the correct approaches, develop realistic aims, develop more successful  strategies and the use of suitable sales strategies and leadership methods.

When attempting to work out the behaviour patterns which are not consistent to one’s own basic structure or with the compulsion, to constantly show behaviour which is not fitting to one’s own nature results in a constant state of stress. All factors which endanger success and are economically damaging.

The road to success leads through self-knowledge!

Leading companies such as Porsche, Volkswagen, Peugeot, Siemens, AWD, L'Oréal, Securitas and many more, have trained their executives and sales people in Structogram seminars for many years.